Every company has a business intention. At some point created from a desire, a first idea by the founder. He wanted to offer a solution for a certain matter. He wanted to be of value to others by the offer of his business. It represents the source for the business intention, for the results of the company.

An unfulfilled business intention will be manifested by e.g. a moderate turnover, loss of efficiency, reduction of its customer base, high absenteeism, high staff turnover and so on.

A company that manifests its business intention positively will experience e.g. a positive turnover, satisfied customers, low absenteeism, loyal employees who use their talents optimally.

Quaning-RGprogram Business is being used for both solving a negative business situation and to achieve further improvement and growth. We work with the person within the company whose job responsibility includes the intended business goal.

A Quaning-RGprogram Business consists of up to seven Quaning sessions with one week interval. A company consists of individuals who manifest their essence of being through the company. Therefore, the analyses in the first three sessions in a Quaning-RGprogram Business will only apply on the person doing the program. From the fourth session onwards both the person’s analysis and intervention and a business analysis are executed and discussed. The Quaning-RGprogram will be completed the moment the Quaning goal has been achieved. Below you can read about the order and content of the Quaning sessions:

A TAKE-OFF is the first live Quaning session. It takes up to two hours maximum. The desired result of the Quaning-RGprogram Business will be discussed. The software is used to do an analysis of the Quanee which will be discussed. This concerns any aspects this Quanee should be personally aware of and an which an intervention with the software has to be done, to ensure that the goal will be achieved easier and faster. Agreements for the next week will be made, amongst others regarding the use of the Q-Report and when the Quanee needs to contact the Quaner in the meantime.

On the day of the TAKE-OFF the Quanee starts with formulating the checkpoints, as these, when the Quanee has experienced these all at least once, confirm that the Quaning goal has been reached. The Quanee sends his proposal on the checkpoints to the Quaner on the day of the TAKE-OFF or latest the day after. Quaner and Quanee will then have discussions, via mail or phone, to finalize and approve the checkpoints both. The checkpoints are final latest the day after the TAKE-OFF.

During the Quaning-RG Program, the Quanee works in the Q-Report. The Q-Report is a digital report which has been made available by Level Five Quaning Enterprises B.V. to certified Quaners for strictly personal use of the Quaner’s Quanee. Insights, agreed actions and progress are recorded by the Quanee in the Q-Report. This takes place in a daily and weekly rhythm during the term of the Quaning-RGprogram Business. At the end of the evening just before the next session the Quanee will send the Q-Report to the Quaner, in preparation for this Quaning session.

A week after the TAKE-OFF the Quaning session CONTINUATION-A of max 15 minutes takes place. This session is about the Quanee personally only. The CONTINUATION-A is carried out by phone, Skype or FaceTime. In this session, after the Quanee’s approval, the intervention will be done, the progress will be discussed and arrangements for the coming week will be defined.

A week later, a CONTINUATION-A will take place as described at 2. CONTINUATION-A.

A week later a live Quaning session will take place, the INTENSIFYING. Of course the current result of the Quaning-RGprogram Business will be discussed and what profit still can be achieved. A person’s analysis will be made and an intervention wil be done. A business analysis will be made and discussed. The INTENSIFYING takes up to two hours.

A week after the INTENSIFYING the CONTINUATION-B will take place. It lasts max 45 minutes. The CONTINUATION-B is carried out by phone, Skype or FaceTime. After the Quanee’s approval the intervention will be done, the progress will be discussed, the business analysis will be done and discussed. Then arrangements for the coming week will be defined.

A week later, once more a CONTINUATION-B will take place, as described at 5. CONTINUATION-B.

A week later, the last Quaning session, the FINAL, will take place in person. In this max two hour session the achievement of the goal will be discussed. The realization of the end result will be celebrated. For the near future agreements are made, such as the result guarantee and the Evaluation. The FINAL will be done so much earlier as the goal has been reached.

Result guarantee
Result guarantee applies for a Quaning-RGprogram Business: for a pre-paid fixed price the Quanee will achieve his goal within a maximum of seven weeks, and the result is sustainable.

This means:
– if Quaner and Quanee conclude in session 7 that the goal still needs to be achieved despite fulfilling their mutual agreed efforts, then they will continue working together by performing CONTINUATIONs on a weekly basis until the goal is reached. These extra Quaning sessions are included in the financial investment for the Quaning-RGprogram already made by the Quanee;

– If, after the completion of the Quaning-RGprogram, at one time the Quanee should doubt whether the agreed goal is still achieved, the Quanee can always contact the Quaner to discuss this. Quaner and Quanee evaluate the at that time agreed checkpoints, that if these all have been experienced at least once during the Quaning-RGprogram, proof that the Quaning goal is reached. Should one or more checkpoints need to be re-experienced, then Quaner and Quanee resume Quaning sessions on the same Quaning-goal with an INTENSIFYING continued with CONTINUATIONs until all originally agreed checkpoints have been experience at least once. Subsequently Quaner and Quanee will finalize the Quaning-RGprogram with the Quaning session FINAL. These sessions are included in the financial investment for the Quaning-RGprogram, already made by the Quanee.

– Should Quaner and Quanee disagree on having experienced at least one time of all checkpoints and thus on the achievement of the Quaning goal, the Quanee can request the LFQ Quality Board to mediate and/or find a final solution.

Agreements and conditions
A Quaning-RG Business program can only be performed under the following agreements and conditions.

Just Quaning
Using another kind of counseling in the area of personal or business development during the Quaning-RGprogram Business may cause a delay or further distance to achieving the goal. A Quaning-RGprogram Business is therefore only executed when Quaning is only form of counseling used.
Examples of other counseling are:
– guidance e.g. by a coach/psychotherapist/psychologist/psychiatrist/family doctor/social worker/cranio sacral therapist/haptonomist/homeopath/nature physician/naturopath/acupuncturist
– attending yoga classes
– applying mindfulness
– online tutoring including frequencies being communicated
– meditation
– consultancy.
This list will be updated based on the experiences of the Quaners.

– Drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants and tranquilizers, other medication
Any use of drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants, tranquilizers and other medication should be reported by Quanee to Quaner, and is and remains the responsibility of the prescribing practitioner and Quanee.
Using drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants, tranquilizers and other medication may influence the course of the Quaning-RGprogram Business. The Quaner makes a conscious choice whether he wants to guide someone if there is an indication of (excessive) use.

– Q-Report
During the Quaning-RGprogram the Quanee works with the Q-Report. The Q-Report is a digitally report which has been made available by Level Five Quaning Enterprises B.V. to certified Quaners for strictly personal use of the Quaner’s Quanee.

Quaner and Quanee accept joint responsibility to achieve the agreed Quaning-goal. They work collaboratively, each from his own role and specific contribution. Both adhere to these agreements. If a Quaner fails to comply with the agreements, the Quanee can contact the LFQ Quality Board and apply for mediation and/or request a final solution. If a Quanee fails to adhere to these agreements, the Quaner has the ability to set up a time-out.


To start a Quaning-RGprogram Business

Please contact one of the certified Quaners to start your Quaning-RGprogram Business. Or please contact us so we can bring you into contact with the Quaner who fits best with you and your goal: please call 31 6 42241661 or e-mail to info@levelfivequaning.com

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“In five weeks of the program it already has had several concrete results for the organization. Such as attracting new ambassadors and funds. While we took into account a loss of revenue, we have closed the year 2014 with 10% growth in August.” – Director charity organization, by Quaner Ingrid Aarsman

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