The Quaning software is also used to execute an objective assessment to determine if someone is suitable or which person is most suitable for a specific job within a company.

Prior to a Quaning assessment a comprehensive job profile will be defined in collaboration with the client. That is the basis to agree upon specifically which analyzes will be done with the Quaning software and which outcome will be most suitable for that job.

With each candidate a personal interview is conducted. In this meeting the analyzes are made and discussed between Quaner and candidate. The client receives written feedback of the results of the analyzes, the findings from the discussion and a recommendation.

Initiate a Quaning assessment
Please contact one of the certified Quaners to arrange a Quaning assessment. Or call or e-mail us, so we can put you in touch with the most appropriate Quaner in relation to your goal. Therefore please call +31 6 42241661 or e-mail to