Level_Five_Quaning_Helma_LieberwerthHelma Lieberwerth (1962) is the developer of Quaning. Helma’s career is rooted in the international IT-world and small businesses. She is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP trainer, trained in business management, systemic work, energetic medical science and shamanism. In the years she worked as an independent trainer/coach in business, she guided thousands of people to work and live more effectively and with better results. She also trained trainers and coaches to do their work at their best. Helma is known for her enthusiastic and result oriented way of guidance, where personal development and growth are at the core heading for personal and professional success. Helma is responsible for marketing and sales, educating an guiding Quaners and quality compliance.

Helma like to come to your event to give a presentation on the philosophy and application of Quaning. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Fred Lentz, ontwikkelaar Level Five Quaning Partner-conceptFred Lentz (1959), as Helma’s husband, stood at the cradle of the development of the Quaning-methodology. After experiencing the effects of Quaning, being one of the first test persons, he immediately felt the urge to dedicate his life in making this special guiding technique known to the world. Fred is the developer of the Level Five Quaning Partner-concept. He is raised and built in franchise chains such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, holding various managerial positions, after which he gained entrepreneurial experience in hospitality and IT. He is now primarily engaged in monitoring the concept, marketing, finance, administration and international expansion.